P2P Transaction

A point to point offline trading mode, which can service large amount transaction needs in different countries and regions.

C2C Transaction

This mode is flexible and fast, which can enhance the execution rate of orders and support the trading needs in different legal currencies.

D2D Transaction

This is a mainstream trading mode, which can match trading pairs in high speed and switch easily among different digital currencies.


Serious attitude

Our professional IT team, with years of practical experience, monitors and maintains the system to ensure user’s trading security 24 hours a day.


Strict mechanism

We provide each user with a designated APP pin for downloading and binding usage to protect the account’s singularity and security.


High quality of experience

We have a strong and friendly customer service team to make sure we provide the most direct and heartfelt experience to each user.


Professional team

We have a professional and independent team of financial risk management who formulates comprehensive and safe trading strategies to considerably lower investment risk.


Practical venue

We have planned in advance to establish physical OTC trading centers in Asian regions to provide online and office consolidated service framework.


Future network

We are going to complete an independently developed multi-cryptocurrency ATM trading system.

  • Able to readily and easily switch among several mainstream trading modes, and our multi-function charting tools are your capable assistant of market analysis.
  • Providing suitable trading venues based on user’s regular regions, together with dynamic market data analysis allowing user to grasp market trends easily.
  • Tracking your cryptocurrency on the price list, seizing the market trends you need timely.
  • A complete trading order system, which facilitates user to timely check order status, and allow buyer and seller to deal with transactions in time, trading in a quick way.

We are setting up mainstream cryptocurrency physical OTC centers in selected regions.

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Be aware of market risk, invest with caution.